All You Need to Know About Goldfish

All You Need to Know About Goldfish

When we think of goldfish, the first things that come to mind are the aquatic swimmers that we see in fish tanks or decorated fish bowls. People have them as pets in their homes and in classrooms. Although most of the goldfish that we see as pets come from pet stores, this is not where they originate. They come from China. This is where they became domesticated. Another fact, not all goldfish have yellow coloring scales. They come in a variety of colors and patterns; some are creamy white while others are the color of calico. The scientific term for this fish is Carassius Auratus. This species of fish, regardless of its color combination or pattern is akin to the Asian carp fish.

How do you Look after Goldfish in a Pond?

In order to successfully look after goldfish in a pond, it is important to be aware of their behaviour and of proper nutrition and foods for goldfish. Being familiar with various goldfish species is practical for knowing the pets’ needs with regards to water temperature, physical appearance and goldfish reproduction characteristics.

Goldfish Behavior

Goldfish that live in environments other than ponds and rivers will show remarkable behavioral skills when they are in aquariums or fish bowl and have contact with human beings. Some goldfish may become aggressive toward new fish added to a tank when they are not of the same species. They will chase the intruder around as though they are invading upon their territory. However, a goldfish will not harm or intimidate another goldfish. Both male and female live together in harmony, regardless if they are in the murky waters of a stream or the peaceful waters of an aquarium.

What do Goldfish Eat in a Pond?

Having goldfish in an aquarium or a fish bowl is a lot of responsibility on the part of the pet owner. To keep goldfish happy and content, you not only have to keep their environment clean, you also have to know how to feed them. A goldfish living in the wild will normally eat plants and insects. However, domesticated goldfish will have to eat manufactured food that is specifically for them. These foods come in the form of tiny flakes of minerals and nutrients. It only takes a few morsels of flakes to satisfy a goldfish appetite. Over feeding will cause health problems such as diseases. Even death can occur when goldfish have too much food.

The Intelligence of Goldfish

Although goldfish seem to do nothing more than swim around all day, there is more to their existence than what our eyes can see. Goldfish are very intelligent. For instance, they can swim their way through complicated mazes as if they have a since of direction. These swimmers also know how to communicate with one another. They may seem quiet to the human ear, but in the aquatic world, there are sounds of communication taking place. A goldfish can recognize its owner, especially at feeding time. They will swim right up to the front of the fish tank as if to greet the person taking care of them.

Related Species

All breeds of goldfish come from the Carassius Auratus. There are many species in this family of bony skeletal fish. Some are double-tailed, while others have oddly shaped heads, bubble eyes and long elongated fins. However, regardless of their physical appearance and characteristics, they are all related. Goldfish are kin to the Oranda fish, the Lionhead and the Ranchu fish. These species of goldfish have two tails. Other species that they are kin to the Chinese Pom Pom, the Veiltail and the Comet fish. These relatives have one tail.

Goldfish Reproduction

Unlike other fish that have no sex gender, the goldfish comes in the category of male and female. It is hard to distinguish which goldfish is male and which ones are the females, so you cannot tell the difference just by looking at them. However, you can distinguish between the two during breeding season, which occurs in the spring. When it is time to reproduce, the female goldfish will gain weight; her body swells as she fills with eggs. To release the eggs, the female goldfish will automatically spray her eggs out of her body as she rubs up against plants. The eggs attach themselves to the plants and this is where they will grow. However, in order for the eggs to grow, they will need fertilized first. This is when the male goldfish will come along and fertilize the eggs by spraying them.

Various Types of Goldfish

Goldfish come in different varieties. They are distinguished by their tails and fins and coloring. Some goldfish have double tails, while others swim around with a single tail. Some bodies are long and slender, while others are fat and round. Other types of goldfish are those with protruding eyes. The Ryukin is a goldfish that has a sloping back, and yet another type has fluid filled sacs around their eyes, making their faces look like they have giant bubbles on their jaws.

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